Adding Collaborators to your Tests

Once you create a test, you may want to add a collaborator to the test. The video below shows how this works.

Here are a few points worth noting about collaborators:

  1. Email ID: You use the email ID of the user to add as a collaborator. Currently, we only accept users' Gmail IDs
  2. Existing Users: A user with that email ID must exist on AutoProctor before you try adding them. If they don't have an account, ask them to first create an account on AutoProctor and then add them
  3. Read/Write Access: Once you add someone as a collaborator, they will have read and edit access to that test. They can change the settings, view the results, etc.
  4. Adding Other Collaborators: A collaborator cannot add other collaborators. Only the user who created the test can do this
  5. Cannot revoke access: Currently, we don't have a feature where you can delete a collaborator from a test. Once you add them, they will stay added.